Countdown to the Big Move!!!

It’s an exciting time for you and we want to make sure you are all taken care of.

Eight Weeks (or More) Before The Move

  • Contact us to search for homes
  • Acquire estimates from moving companies and determine out-of-pocket expenses. We have moving companies we recommend, ask us!

Four Weeks

  • Obtain children’s current school report cards, and check pre-registration dates and procedures for enrolling in a new school
  • Collect copies of all medical records, birth certificates and veterinary records – keep in safe, accessible place
  • Inform post office, banks credit card, and insurance companies, subscription services, friends and family of your new address

Three Weeks

  • Transfer bills, stocks, investments, and bank accounts, as needed
  • Clean out cupboards, garage, attic, and any other storage place – discard unwanted item
  • Pack all household items, be sure to carefully label boxes by room

One Week

  • Discontinue delivery services and close out all local accounts (library cards, gym memberships, etc.)
  • Clean out safety deposit box; send valuables ahead by registered mail or take them with you
  • Defrost/dry refrigerators and freezers after emptying and thoroughly cleaning them out
  • Arrange for final financial transactions at the bank

The Day Before

  • Pack luggage to take with you, including valuables and identification cards
  • Make sure pets are prepared for their journey
  • Prepare for travel: if flying, print online check-in confirmation; if driving, print out directions if necessary

Loading & Moving Day

  • Reconfirm delivery date with movers and provide directions to new residence
  • Supervise movers to ensure belongings are handled with care
  • If electricity is turned off, make sure to leave refrigerator and freezer doors open to prevent mold and mildew
  • Drop keys off with the landlord and ask for a written receipt; some charge a month’s rent if keys are not returned
  • Provide the landlord with your forwarding address for any forthcoming mail, refunds, etc.